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Legal Tech Adventure: Insights from Andy Cooper, Global Sr. Manager - Legal Operations at IDEXX Laboratories

Embarking on a journey of legal innovation with Andy Cooper, Global Senior Manager of Legal Operations at IDEXX Laboratories, unveils a realm where the intersection of law and technology is not just a vision but a tangible reality. In an era where conferences serve as crucibles for industry evolution, Andy's insights illuminate the path forward. Delving into the future of legal innovation, he elucidates how AI is reshaping the landscape, promising not obsolescence but empowerment. Yet, the voyage toward transformation isn't solitary; it thrives on collaboration across disciplines, fueled by an entrepreneurial ethos.

As Andy takes the stage as a keynote speaker at the In-House day of Future Lawyer USA, his expertise and vision amplify, guiding us through the corridors of legal innovation with clarity and purpose. He shares potent strategies to navigate the currents of resistance, advocating for a blend of demonstration, training, and unwavering support. Join us as we unravel the tapestry of legal innovation and his unwavering commitment to shaping the future of law.


From your perspective, why do you believe conferences focused on legal innovation, like this one, are crucial for the advancement of the industry?

Conferences like this are essential for the advancement of the industry, but more importantly the advancement of your company and department. The industry will thrive and evolve based on both competition and what they learn at these events. But you, as a legal professional or legal operations professional, will absorb so much, and leave here with a million ideas.


Looking ahead, what do you envision as the future of legal innovation? Are there emerging technologies or cultural shifts that you believe will have a profound impact on the legal industry?

The future of legal innovation is AI, full stop. Now AI is not A thing, it's a spectrum - Generative AI gets all the news, but AI is already doing so much, and getting better and better.  The advancements that tools out there are making in data extraction via OCR, clause library history for contract negotiation, etc are already making huge dents in speed and accuracy.  It's not going to take your job, it's going to make your job less monotonous and allow you to provide more value.


How can senior in-house counsels encourage collaboration with professionals from other fields, such as technology, data, or business, to foster a more holistic approach to legal transformation?

This can be a difficult question in some organizations.  Our business has an entrepreneurial spirit throughout, so cross-departmental collaboration comes more easily than I've found in other industries.  We also have multiple opportunities annually to work cross-collaboratively on projects or innovations that employees are passionate about - these events build networks and collaboration abilities.


What metrics or indicators do you find most valuable in assessing the success and effectiveness of newly implemented technology within corporations?

Adoption is key.  A main goal of implementing a technology is to make work easier, so if people are finding work-arounds because they don't like change, then your ROI is going to drop.  And speaking of ROI, determining your ROI, whether it's hard or soft dollars, is essential to showing the success of a new product.


How do you suggest senior leaders can address and overcome resistance to innovation, both at an individual and organisational level?

Don't just tell, show.  Demonstrate how the new tool will help and provide thorough training.  You need a strong implementation and change management team, you need subject matter experts, and you need hypercare support right after live and long-term care for a tool post-launch. One tool's success will breed more success in other tools.


As the legal industry continues to evolve, visionaries like Andy Cooper are leading the charge, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future of legal innovation. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking discussions and insights from the forefront of legal transformation.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear more insights from Andy Cooper and other legal innovators at Future Lawyer USA in Boston next month! Join us as we explore the future of legal technology and innovation, charting the course for a dynamic and transformative legal landscape.

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