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Key Themes

Private Practice Day

People and Culture of the Legal Innovation Landscape

Emerging at the forefront of law firm strategies, innovation teams are taking on pivotal roles in product development, testing, and research and development (R&D). Their significance aligns with the escalating demand for inventive solutions in response to evolving client expectations.

Addressing the Dreaded ‘Billing’ Culture and the Evolving Legal Landscape

Amidst changing client expectations fueled by factors such as cost-consciousness and transparency, law firms are compelled to reassess the advantages and hurdles posed by alternative legal services and pricing frameworks. This proactive approach is essential to elevate client satisfaction and maintain competitiveness in the legal landscape.

‘Bot’ Really …. Exploring the practical applications of GenAI and how it is changing the legal landscape 

In the realm of AI discussions, it becomes crucial to grasp practical applications and garner support through effective strategies. Discover the tangible possibilities of AI and Legal Lifecycle Management (LLM) tools, encompassing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and extractive AI, to identify the optimal fit for your firm's needs.

Key Themes

In-House Day

Keeping up with the Multiverse: Change Management, Budgets and Innovation in Corporate Legal

Navigate the dynamic landscape of legal operations, responding to LLM tech, cost pressures, and the growth of in-house teams. Uncover the departure from traditional billable hours, investigating how legal ops professionals can adeptly adapt, utilizing efficiency tools and integrating generative AI for substantial cost savings.

Alternate Realities: Following the Evolving Legal Landscape

Amidst ongoing challenges, in-house legal teams grapple with workload management and cost control. The evolving market, marked by the emergence of Alternative Legal Service Providers, legal tech companies, and consultants, presents innovative solutions tailored to the shifting dynamics of the legal landscape.

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